Marks Boxing Gym
(907) 354-4417         1350 W. Glenkerry Dr.   
Your first session is FREE!  I do these intro sessions on Saturdays at 2pm, or 4pm (weekdays by appt.). Just show up at one of these times with a clean pair of athletic shoes to change into.  In this free session you will see the basic structure of a workout and learn the fundementals of stance, footwork, and your first punches.  After this free intro session memberships are $75/month and you come train at a time of your convenience during my hours (training sessions cannot be started within the last hour I am open).  All members are guided through their workouts and instructed by Coach Mark.  Ages 10 and up.  (see below for Saturday morning Kids' Boxing Class ages 6-9).  Hope to see you soon!
Coach Mark