YOUR FIRST SESSION IS FREE! Just show up at the gym on Saturday at 12pm, 2pm, or 4pm.  This introductory session is very instructional and will introduce you to the workout circuit and get you started with the boxer's stance, basic footwork (movement), and the first and most important punch, the jab.  If you cannot make it in on a Saturday, this first session can be done during the week by appointment.  Please call me at 354-4417 to set up a time for your free introductory session or just show up on Saturday at 12pm, 2pm, or 4pm.  Clean change of shoes required and short or long sleeve shirts (no tank tops).


Memberships are on a monthly basis, no contracts.

Your membership is active from your start date until that date the following month.

Memberships cannot be frozen or transferred.  No refunds.

Hours: 12-9 M-Th/12-8 Fri/12-6  Saturday
(must start workout no less than 1hr before closing)

(Do you prefer one on one personal boxing/fitness training with Mark: $25/session scheduled mornings before Open Membership Hours)


Teach the art of boxing from the basic fundamentals to advanced skills and techniques.

Provide full instruction, motivation, and inspiration to get you in the best shape of your life.

Monthly memberships with no set-up fees or contracts.

Operate on an open gym format.  You come train when it's convenient for you.  We do not use a group class format.

Provide a full round by round structure for your workouts to progress you effectively and safely.

Operate a youth friendly facility with strict rules of conduct.

New:  I provide free 9 point body stat checks for members.  Track your body fat %, body fat lbs and lean mass lbs.


Following a round by round workout.  Rounds are three minutes long with thirty seconds of rest between each round.  A beginning workout will take about an hour.

Jumping Rope
Hand Wrapping (video tutorial)
Shadow Boxing
Heavy Bag
Punch Mitts
Defensive Drills
Slip Ball
Speed bag
Conditioning drills
Medicine Ball
And More...

Boxing is a sport of automatic actions and reactions developed through repetition and hard work.  It is our mission to instill efficient, effective, and technically sound skills and avoid the development of bad habits.  We stress and aggressively drill the fundamentals that will support more advanced skills and techniques.  Patience and a strong work ethic are a must but don't worry we will be there to teach, guide, and motivate you!  PROFICIENCY IN THE SWEET SCIENCE DOES NOT HAPPEN OVERNIGHT!

No tank tops allowed must have short or long sleeved shirts
Must change into clean dedicated workout shoes upon entering the gym, no shoes worn outside allowed in workout area.  Members must provide their own wraps and gloves (will be provided for free intro session)


Mark Johnson is the owner and trainer of Mark's Boxing Gym.  A lifelong enthusiast, fan, and practitioner of the sweet science, he prides himself in his pursuit of teaching proficiency and excellence.  Mark has invested years studying and developing the most efficient ways of teaching the skills and techniques necessary to become a proficient boxer.
Mark is a registered USA Boxing coach,  the association that governs olympic-style amateur boxing in the US.  Certifications are as a USA Boxing Level 1 coach and as a USA Boxing certified Official.  
Mark has earned his CPT certification with the National Academy of Sports Medicine and has worked in Alaska as a fitness trainer at Denali Gymnastics and Fitness.
Other sports include competitive cycling from age 9-40 and competive bodybuilding here in Alaska.
  Well educated in sports nutrition and healthy weight loss strategies, Mark is enthusiastic about sharing this information with his clients to help them achieve their goals.
Marks Boxing Gym
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