starting to frame the ringfull 2x6 frame for ringmixing high strength concrete for postspost set in high strength concreteplywood on and primedpriming and painting the ring postsLuke Johnson covering the third of four ropesfourth rope attached and coveredI made my rope covers out of upholstery vinyl and almost 500' of velcro.  My sewing skills came in handy.Making the rope covers took a few days but the finished product came out great.View of the ring from the loft.  All that is left is the corner pads and canvas.Another shot of the ring from up above.
mounting the two adjustable speed bag platformstwo adjustable everlast speedbag platforms mounted
Start of the renovations
Building the ring
Mounting the new speed bag  platforms
2012 ABFF State Championships2012 ABFF State Championships2012ABFF State Championships2012 ABFF State Championships
Mark is also a competitive natural bodybuilder and took 1st place in the masters class at the 2012 29th annual ABFF Pro Am State Bodybuilding Championships March 24th in Anchorage.  Mark is currently training to compete as a master in the 2016 Ringside Boxing Championships in Independence, MO
Gym Photos
November 2012
Sparring session 2/24/13
Sparring session 3/10/13
Gunnar and Cruz sparring 3/13/13 and Gunnar and Robert working speedbag
Marks Boxing Gym
(907) 354-4417         1350 W. Glenkerry Dr.   
July 4th Wasilla Parade 2015
Some photos from sparring trips to Alaska Boxing Academy in Anchorage summer 2015
A few fun photos from my trip to Omaha for the Terrence Crawford fight.  Alfredo Martinez was on the undercard.  I was lucky enough to have Alfredo  training at my gym in 2013.
Gym renovations April 2016.  Fabrication of new bag stand, new rubber flooring, mirror installation, finishing bathroom
Grand Opening Show at Alaska Boxing Academy, Anchorage AK USA Boxing amateur show August 20, 2016